A deep love for strong leathers and the unique beauty of luxury fish skins are fused together in the designs of London based bag brand SETH SOBEKLeonie von Lieres, a Paris based former trend scout for WeAr Magazine and current creative consultant, teamed up with London leather master Jas Sehmbi, the creative mind behind the JAS MB bag line, to create SETH SOBEK, a unique high-end line that combines the elegant chic of Paris with a London edge. [-> view SETH SOBEK at SUPERIOR ONLINE November 2012].

Leonie, when did you decide to work with Jas Sehmbi to create your own high-class bag-label?

Last year I helped a friend with the presentation of his first haute-couture collection. He wanted to show some bags on the catwalk and I asked Jas if he would collaborate with us. Working together felt so natural, that Jas and I decided to start our own luxury line.

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