“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (according to Aristotle)

It was this quote from Aristotle that we had in mind while planning SUPERIOR Magazine. Each medium, whether in print or online, has its individual strenghts. High-quality photographs and sophisticated texts come into their own in printed form while no other medium is more up-to-date and unlimited than the Internet. Both the print edition SUPERIOR MAGAZINE and the digital SUPERIOR ONLINE are discrete and full-fledged magazines. However, joint topics and the close technical connection turn it into ONE magazine.

The first issue is all about Berlin and its fashion. In five editorials, a short story and the interview with an artist SUPERIOR MAGAZINE shows Berlin’s diversity – connected to fashion.

We hope you enjoy SUPERIOR MAGAZINE !

Tom Felber & Marc Huth


Buy SUPERIOR EDITION #1 “The Berlin Issue” here


You find a preview of the first issue at issuu.com/superiormagazine

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