The printed invitation to Spring/Summer 2013 of LIE SANG BONG already gave a guess what direction the new collection will hit: a transparent butterfly surrounded by colorful houndstooths. We already got to know this nature inspiration from the Spring/Summer 13 collection of Miharayasuhiro [-> MIHARAYASUHIRO show]. Now, Lie Sang Bong puts his own focus on a different aspect of the creature.

A small crawler releases from its cocoon, spreads its newly won wings and flies out into the world. Its the transformation of life. A transformation that inspired designer Lie Sang Bong to new shapes focusing on drapery and the mixture of materials to create a metamorphosis of structure and surface. An expression of a new beginning and hope – even equivalent to the transience of fashion.

Butterflies could be found in applique, resting on top of a shoulder, nose or around the entire fabrics, such as silk, wool and silk cotton, of the dresses. The inspiration of the Korean designer is prominently, not least through the use of the bright colors red and green. Representing the highlight of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, one dress was just consisting of a mass of butterflies, seemed revolving around the body.

Houndstooth pattern in neon form a graphic contrast to the butterflies and create a playful color blocking. The hole inspiration came from the designer’s travel to his past. The collection shows nostalgic elements of the Sixties – like a potpourri of colorful childhood memories- and transform them into modern shapes.

[Text and Photos by Steffi Baumgaertner]