Today paper cutting is chiefly decorative, ornamenting walls, windows and doors. At Paris Fashion Week the Taiwanese designer Wang Chen Tsai-hsia, founder of the fashion brand SHIATZY CHEN, proved that there’s more behind than just domestic adornment. The folk art of paper cutting symbolizes since more than fifteen hundred years the purest form of tradition, aesthetics and spirituality.

SHIATZY CHEN ’s Spring Summer 2013 collection „Perpetuality“ shows motifs of humans, animals, flowers, sceneries, or even rituals and historical events incorporating the paper cutting theme. Translucent materials like silk, satin and textured fabrics represent the play of light on paper cutting. Also bright colors like yellow, pink, blue and ivory were used to capture the spirit of this eastern folk art and accent the patches of printed patterns.

Jumpsuits, smocks and shorts are characterized by geometric cutting and floral patterns brought to life by metallic beads, lace and embroidery. It was that rich blue two-piece, ankle-length small trousers and high-necked jacket, that expresses another motif besides the paper cutting theme: the perpetual beauty of simplicity.

Moreover, the designer combines the spirit of libration during the Twenties and the sleekness of the Sixties. A collection between traditional glance and modern simplicity. Focusing the new woman who extracts her vitality and beauty from the perpetuality of traditional folk art.

[Text and Photos by Steffi Baumgaertner]