CLAUDIA DIAZ MARQUEZ won our Editorial Voting in March. We talked with the photographer about her work.


How did it happen that you have developed a passion for photography?

When I was a small child I already had a clear idea of pictures and stories. I started painting and writing essays and short stories. My key experience was 2009, when I invested all my money in a Canon camera D50 and finally had the opportunity to live my passion and turn my fantasies into images.

Self-taught, I worked day and night on medium format photography, was thrilled and touched to make impressive images. I felt free, creative and inexorably , to confront people now with my visual ideas .

What do you want to express with your photography?

Basically, my goal is a fantastic story to tell with my pictures. Stories full of emotions, animated and creative, with an avant-garde touch and inspiring lighting moods.

I love to inspire and excite the people and to encourage them to see things from a different angle. It is always exciting to turn your passion visible and the capture of moments for eternity. People have always been more than influenced by images through words. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Do you remember your first design?

The first motive was my sister. Luckily I was able to inspire in her, and to gain their trust in order to realize my first production. The idea was to show a dialogue between man and animal, because I think everyone has a animalistic side .

From the freedom and lightness of birds, I was impressed eyelids my sister with small black feathers decorated.


Who are your role models?

Helmut Newton and Peter Lindbergh monochrome images inspired and intrigued me. I liked how they did it, the personality, strength, sensuality, beauty and poetry to highlight a woman. I love analogue images, they are indescribably beautiful. That’s why I love to capture moments with my Hasselblad and Leica M6 501. In my opinion is the true art of photography. Furthermore, I like the sense of art by Mario Testino, Ellen von Unwerth and bold, playful and amorous shots. Arthur Fellig aka Weegee New York are also impressive. But there are many different kinds of art that fascinate me.

Where do you see your inspiration?

Many things affect my photography, I am of cities, movies and lighting effects, but mainly inspired by people. If I see someone, it causes feelings and emotions in me I know how I like this person dressed and where I want to go to shoot . And I love natural light. It is beautiful and creates a unique atmosphere.

What does a „good photo“ in your opinion?

It is primarily about the visual language instead of technical functions. In my opinion, a good photo captivates you and is inviting you to pause and reflect.

Tell us a little bit about the story behind the „Golden Boy“ editorial.

Golden Boy is a manga created and released in Japan. It is the story of a young man who signs for orders in Japan pursuit of knowledge. He meets several women whose lives he dramatically changed, but because of his desire for the journey he has never experienced true love. That inspired me to do a whole series of photos with a blonde model, male working as a designer. His journey begins outside in a garden. Different views show his versatility and passion for details. The journey takes him to a studio in which to meet many different kinds of art on each other, and at the end the young guy looks longingly out the window in search of the next inspiration. In contrast to the manga story our Golden Boy has a never-ending passion for style and design rather than a passion for girls.


What are your next plans? Is there a future project you would „die“ for?

I love working in a team together with interesting, creative and charismatic personalities. In the future I would like to focus on fashion spreads more. Actually, I’m an artist whose dream is to inspire the world with my pictures and showing them on exhibitions.