ADIDAS Tracksuit Day | Photo © Lottermann and Fuentes

On November 6th ADIDAS again celebrated its ADIDAS Tracksuit Day all over the globe. It’s been nearly 50 years since adidas released it’s first tracksuit and believe it or not the first model was named after a German football hero: the one and only Franz Beckenbauer. It didn´t take long until the product, which was initially created for athletes became one of the strinking must have items of the 70s. Nowdays, tracksuits aren’t only used as sportswear anymore but also as streetwear items with a special twist worn from Hip Hoppers to hollywood starlets.

For Frankfurt – one of the brand´s key cities, besides Munich, Hamburg and, of course, Berlin – our most favourite sneakers and sports label created a really special idea for celebrating this anniversary. Together with the great Frankfurt based photographers Nada Lottermann and Vanessa Fuentes ADIDAS Key City Manager Christian Neureuther brought together a bunch of Frankfurt key influencers from fashion, lifestyle and art for a very unique photo shooting. Andrew Warhola, Stephan Braubach, Kristina Suvarova, Jenny Sulzmann and Elena Lampropoulou presented not only their favourite tracksuits but also their most beloved places in the city.

ADIDAS Tracksuit Day | Photo © Lottermann and Fuentes

The photos take us on a little tour through the Frankfurt, without pointing on the significant images. Instead the influencers present us their personal view beyond the well-known clichees. They show us the gentle and playful part of Frankfurt, which can be found on such great places, like the 25hrs Hotel Frankfurt by Levi´s, the pastrami restaurant Maxie Eisen und the beloved Concept Store The Listener.

ADIDAS Tracksuit Day | Photo © Lottermann and Fuentes

Jenny Sulzmann and Andrew Warhola exclusivly gave SUPERIOR MAGAZINE a little insight of their daily life in so called „Mainhattan“ and talked to us about their favourite places, their relation to the city and the details of the Hessian metropole, you should definitely not miss.

# What did you think when you first heard that adidas wants you to be part in their Frankfurt Tracksuit Day campaign?

Andrew When I first heard about the idea for the Tracksuit Day, I got really excited to get the chance presenting my most beloved suit on such a special occassion.

Jenny When I was asked to take part in the photo shooting my first thought was: „Oh my gosh!“ Normally I´m really shy.

# In your own words: What does ADIDAS stand for?

A ADIDAS definitely is not just about sports anymore but also about innovation, fashion, functionality and current trends. By developing timeless pieces with a special twist the brand has established itself as a big global player.

J (smiles): The style of adidas is very sporty. Normally I dress more contrary.

The photo shooting was meant to create a relation to Frankfurt. What makes the city so special for you?

A Frankfurt is a vibrant financial heart of Europe. But there´s a lot more to experience. It´s a very multifaceted city, where you can find everything from exquisit restaurants, like the Stanley Diamond to rough off-locations, like the former club at Hafenstraße. My photo shooting took place in the heart of the famous Bahnhofsviertel, a part of the city which is very popular among Frankfurt´s youth.

J I was born in Frankfurt but have been always travelling a lot. So for example I have just lived on the other site of the world. Nevertheless Frankfurt stays my hometown – a dangerous one, which is also so beautiful and honest at the same time. The location for my photo shooting was the Concept Store The Listener, which can be found in the relatively young MA* complex.

# What´s your favourite place in Frankfurt?

A There´s definitely more than just one! Just to mention two: I love the Oosten, where you can enjoy an incredible view on Frankfurt´s skyline. Nearby is a wonderful park located – perfectly for doing a little workout.

J Some bridges over the Main river offer a great view in the dawn but also in the dusk. I really enjoy it walking my dog Azur at these places.

# And your most beloved quarter?

A My most beloved quarter is the Bahnhofsviertel. It perfectly shows how different Frankfurt can be.

J I like Sachsenhausen, where I grew up. But also the Gallus or the Bahnhofsviertel belong to my prefered quarters since I love and need a lively atmosphere around me. Moreover most of my friends live here.

# Last but not least: adidas and Frankfurt that means to me…

A ADIDAS to me is the one and only global player and the only brand, which features a great balance between functionality on a very high level, sports and a creative fashionable design. This is why adidas and Frankfurt make such a great combination. Also the city has a very special atmosphere and actually you can call it Germany´s only real metropole, not only because of it´s great skyline but also for it´s vibrant night life.

J By thinking of adidas the buzzword sneakers come to my mind immediately. And they do also fit quite well to Frankfurt. But acutally sneakers fit very great to everything (smiles).

SUPERIOR Magazine_adidas Tracksuit Day FFM_©LottermannFuentes_2270904

ADIDAS annually celebrates the ideal combination of cozyness and fashion on the Tracksuit Day. Globally the brand is prominently featured in over 24 big cities, like Paris, London, Zürich, Wien, Barcelona, NY, LA, Tokyo & Shanghai and belongs to the most key-influencing brands for sports and streetwear worldwide.