Frankfurt can do fashion, believe it or not! For the 8th time the Frankfurt STYLE AWARD will take place in the Hessian metropolis on September 5th. And quite a lot has happened so far. The call for entries ended by February 26th and until then about 340 young fashion talents from more than 31 international countries sent in their applications for this years motto „Pioneering Destiny“. Among them are the 60 finalists, who will present their creations to the 400 guests of the great gala at the Frankfurt airport in September.

Frankfurt STYLE AWARD 2015

SUPERIOR MAGAZINE Frankfurt was invited to get a first glimpse on the looks ourselves during the official fitting, which took place at the „Houses of Fashion“ near Frankfurt. This appointment marks the hot phase for this year´s award show. It´s the first time the looks can be experienced directly. Until then the team and the jury have just made their decisions based on the drawings and description notes.

Hannemi Stitz-Krämer, founder of Frankfurt STYLE AWARD, points out how happy she is with this year’s applications. „Not only that the number of participants has nearly doubled. Young talents from all over the world wanted to be part in this contest. Besides a huge number of submissions from Germany, also participants from Italy, Ireland, China and Taiwan took their chance. We have never had before an edition of such high quality and such a great amount of wearable looks.“ And Sitz-Krämer is completely right. Besides the precise knowledge of the crafting, especially the designs presented a high level of innovation and creativity in the work with fabrics and material in general.

The finalists arranged their looks around this year’s motto, which is divided into three different categories. The first one „Blue Revolution“ relates to the omnipresence of technology and the fact that the real world and the digital sphere are more and more coming together. How does this progress change the existing structures of society and work? Where will all the innovation take us next? These are just some of the questions the finalists tired to explain with their designs. The second category „Ecological Green“ focuses on sustainability, the buzzword of our generation, which is not only about a current trend, but more about the future of our planet. With this category the Frankfurt STYLE AWARD wants to make a contribution to one of the most important topics of these times. Everything that already exists is just waiting to be transformed into something better and the sooner we realize this the better we will be able to see the beauty in it. The third category „Over the Rainbow“ gave the designers nearly a free hand in their work. The rainbow referes to the topics of freedom, happiness and inspiration. It’s a symbol for the unattainable. The journey to ultimate happiness becomes the destination itself during our search for the “rainbow’s end”. Nothing else is so much connected to the future and the apsects of the new.

Ty-Rown Vincent, who has just worked in the fashion industry all over the globe is again patron of the Frankfurt STYLE AWARD and proud to part in a great project like this. To him the Internationality of the contest is one of the most striking characteristis, that can’t hardly be found anywhere else in Germany. He’s really looking forward to the award show in September, since the works show the huge amount of creative potential and how much energy all of those young talents have.

And they’re expecting great things from the award. The winners in the different categories can definitely hope to take their career as a designer on a next step. Directly after the award show in Frankfurt the winners will travel with the Frankfurt STYLE AWARD collection all over Europe. Besides a trip to Paris this year’s highlight will be a show at the Expo Milan. Italy, which is the guest land of the Frankfurt STYLE AWARD 2015, will give the young talents the opportunity to present their looks at the Hessian welcome event during the Expo Milan. Further the winners will also travel to Shanghai, where one of the most influential fashion markets worldwide is based.

From August 12th onwards all looks of the 60 finalists are presented on the website of the Frankfurt STYLE AWARD. With this came the start of the Public Choice Award. In this very special category the public can vote for their personal favourites. The three talents with the most number of votes will present their looks in a special runway show at the gala on the 5th of September, where the audience of 400 international fashion influencers, retailers, press contributros and guestes will choose a winner. This one will get the chance to travel to the Senegal and, of course, also to Italy to find new inspiration and get in contact with the international fashion industry.

The voting for the Public Choice Award can be found here. As a special benefit: Among all participants will be raffled two tickets for the gala in September.

We wish the 60 finalists all the best!