The enjoyment of coffee has become a regular event for the most of us, which we do not even take time for consciously. „Hoppenworth & Ploch, a small roasting house and café, on the Friedberger Landstraße proves that a good coffee is not about a fast drink in a paper cup to go loaded with tons of special „upgrades“. It is more about a real treat and a short break from daily life.


Drinking a coffee has become a real act of entertainment – and sometimes an even more complicated one. Big franchisers offer multiple variations for your daily drink and turn your simple coffee into a super-duper-non-plus-ultra beverage. Frappuccino, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato with flavour or without, Americano, Espresso, Decaf, tall, grande, venti, half fat milk, non fat milk, and many many more. The list seems to be endless. But behind all these special benefits especially two essential aspects of a good coffee too often get lost: The good taste and the enjoyment. Hoppenworth & Ploch have made it their task to bring exactly these components back to the minds of the Frankfurters.

In May 2014 the small roast house found its home in the Friedberger Landstraße, where also one of the two cafe houses of „Hopplo“ is settled. The other one can be found on the campus of the Goethe University, where most of the team started together in 2008. And just a quick look into the menue makes it clear: Here it is not about a fast drink, it´s about the real treat of coffee. Instead of presenting an overloaded menu with tons of unneccesary „upgrades“ the card is kept small and clear. Different coffee types each from an other „Terroirs“ build the base of „Hoppenworth & Plochs“ pecularity. Each one is selected in a long term process and the owners keep a close relationship to their providers in Africa and Brazil for guaranteeing not only a good taste but also the detailed knowledge of their products. Depending on the origin, cultivation, harvest and processing the beans unfold their personal flavor, while the roasting method is meant to fit the special characteristics of each. The result is a coffee that doesn´t even need milk and sugar – but of course you can get some, if you want to. Several softdrinks mostly from regional providers, a great soy matcha tea as well as a small selection of fine sandwiches, sweet and the famous waffles complete the menue of „Hoppenworth & Ploch“. Moreover coffee lovers can buy their favourite coffee roasting for home. Besides the daily business „Hoppenworth & Ploch“ also features barista trainings and catering.

Curious now? Than come over, sit down and enjoy a moment of treat away from your daily urban rush and without the need of leaving Frankfurt.

Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 8am – 7pm
Sat-Sun 12am – 7pm

Location: Friedberger Landstr. 86, 60316 Frankfurt
Nearest public transport station: Friedberger Platz and Rohrbachstr/Friedberger Landstr (Tram 12, 18, Bus 30)