AFTERSOON – World Premiere Music Video by NEWMEN

Frankfurt’s NEWMEN advise us to „take our pleasures seriously“ – and provide some sonic tools to crank up the endorphins. Founded in 2011, the smartly stylish five-piece spins slivers of pop jungle, post garage and neo wave into intense indie rock grooves that rule the dance floor until the crowd’s legs start to buckle. Taking a leaf out of !!!’s edgy and energetic playbook, Sonic Youth’s epic distortion or the cold clarity of 1980s icons DAF, their international sound propels urban grooves into the future – and fans of fast and funky sounds are in for a great ride.

Video: Markus & Michael Weicker

In 2014 the band released their Debut-LP RUSH HUSH. An album dealing with the contradictory presence and its schizophrenic Retromania versus technological possession. Now, in 2015, its up to their new EP QUICK MILLIONS. Five songs oscillating between kraut, sun and disco. A turn to a new realism of sound by serving the last century’s modern – where the ‚Authentic‘ sings over reason, QUICK MILLIONS is pushing it to take a dive. From rediscovered treasures to recent wave adoptions, from psychedelic dreams to electronic rhythms, from drone walls to Italian holidays, from NYC muscle to Autobahn Düsseldorf. Frankfurt‘s NEWMEN is a must-hear for 2015.


Joel Ameloot
Joerg Schmidt
Timm Kroner
Martin Heimann
Simon Rauland


// Aftersoon
// Quick Millions EP out 4/24/15
//Label: Fisherman Records / Distribution: Broken Silence

Newmen Quick Millions EP

1. Aftersoon
2. For Love
3. Home
4. Heaven
5. Salto