A sense of freedom and expression filled the catwalk at FYODOR GOLAN’s 5th anniversary show at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017.

Designers Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman used vivid colours to produce a sense of urgency against the soft, feminine silhouettes as inspired by the large-scale work of artist Katharina Grosse.

LFW AW 17 | FYODOR GOLAN Show | Photos © Catwalking

The garments were immersed in prints and stitched on graphic strokes, imitating that of an artwork. Combined with geometric cuts, the garments themselves created a daring and active sense of futurism, in a way that both excites and comforts.

With a nod to the practicality and expression of the everyday, the designers created moveable leather embossed Post-it® Note inspired appliques, to bring this sense of self-expression into the transparent PVC skirts and coats that graced the runway.

The collection itself was filled with statement pieces and the focus was truly on liberating yourself from the norm. A bold and exciting take.

The designer’s choice of fabrics enhanced and promoted the silhouette of the female body in a classically modern way. The bodies were dressed in a way that allowed you to have control; the designers themselves reference to the PowerPuff Girls to promote female empowerment of being yourself – that shows how being cute does not mean that you are not powerful enough to stand up for yourself.

The garments were simplistic in their design; the simple use of line and colour added with the mood of female empowerment and strong graphics created an overall sense of the now and of the future. The focus was on the friction between the strictness of the simple design and the liberating qualities of the newest through bold colours.