Kicking off the official London Fashion Week schedule for Autumn/Winter 2017, TEATUM JONES collection aimed to break down the barriers of “us and them.”

They took as inspiration Hans Bellmer’s rejection of the idea of the perfect body through the deconstruction of the traditional beauty concept.

LFW AW 17 | TEATUM JONES Show | Photos © Michelle Beatty

The designers used the textures and shapes of the fabrics to do so, as the collection featured an abundance of contradiction in materials – pairing thick wool with PVC, hand painted marks onto traditionally fine fabrics such as silk, and panels of waterproof skin to showcase the rawness of the body.

The structure of the woollen pieces, made in collaboration with two British woollen mills John Foster and J.H. Clissold gave the collection a sense of modern classics. It is the use of the traditional techniques and texture of the wool, combined with the innovative and unconventional crafting of the garments that helped exaggerate and define the features of the body.

In the large, white openness of the British Fashion Council show space at London Fashion Week, the three distinguished colour palettes of the collection stand strong. With a contrasting tones within each one. The first filled with sombre midnight navy, deep blacks contrasted with ivory and chrome, the second consists of rich autumnal burgundy and mustard, paired with soft salmons and cornflower blues. The final colour palette includes stark monochrome with hints of post box red, dark PVC and greys.

The colours are used in ways to highlight and showcase the honesty and un-forgivingness of the body in a way that celebrates the different shapes of us all.

Entitled „The Body | Part 1“, the show certainly lived up to its name – featuring a diverse range of race and abilities in its models – Teatum Jones creative directors Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones showcased a sense of inclusiveness in a time when it is needed the most.