Flamboyance has a name: SPORTALM. And it is located in Kitzbühel – the high society skiing spot in the Austrian alps. That is why the label’s new collection shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin has it all. Sportalm suits you whatever the day may bring and whatever you’re feeling like.

MBFW Berlin AW 2017 | SPORTALM Show | Photos © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

The day started leisurely with denim, straight fitted trousers and midi skirts embroidered with flowers. Topped with a striped sweater, a slightly glittering shirt and, if you are outgoing, a very colourful long blouse. On the other hand, there was also the sailor option. Blue and white stripes on tops and dresses, gold buttons, the neckerchief and not to forget the lovely seamen’s hat. Ahoy, sailor.

Playing with the colours blue, white, mustard and brown, the day changed into evening and the colours turned into light sky-blue, silvery grey, pastel pink, juicy green and a pop of red. Also the fabrics changed: cotton and leather stepped aside while silk, fur and feathers took their place. This side of the collection had a strong feminine touch. Flower prints, light crochet pieces, coloured fur and Lurex threads. It varied between pencil skirts, pant suits, loose fitted trousers and dresses. The highlight was a feather dress run through by Lurex threads and sequins sparkling all over the runway.

And one thing, that couldn’t be missing in a Sportalm Autumn/Winter show was the skiing equipment. Colourful ski suits topped up with Russian fur hats and tassel-hats made out of wool. The main colours on the outdoor section was bright yellow, shiny white, signal red and eclectic blue.  

Bright colours, all over prints and a lot of fur throughout the whole Autumn/Winter 2017 collection stated the message of Sportalm: express and feel the lifestyle of Kitzbühel.