This autumn/winter 2017 season, DAWID TOMASZEWSKI collaborated with Polish label PATRIZIA ARYTON, from Tomaszewski’s hometown Gdańsk, to present as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

MBFW Berlin AW 2017 | DAWID TOMASZEWSKI x PATRIZIA ARYTON Show | Photos © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

While Tomaszewski founded his eponymous label back in 2009 in Germany, Patrizia Aryton has been ruling the Polish fashion scene for 26 years. So much so that it attracted the attention of Tomaszewski’s greatest inspiration – his mother. With similar ethics such as the merging of tradition with modern styles and great craftsmanship, the two labels decided to collaborate this season and bring in both of their expertise and clientele together. The result? Modern elegance for confident women.

On the catwalk, a series of highly delicate fabrics succeeded each other and hence offered a luxurious collection. Silk satin and velvet, wool and fur appeared a soft textiles, and were put next to golden embroideries, beads and jewellery details, such as sparkly stars on front pockets, to give this aspect of high end luxury. The silhouettes were elongated and smart, accessible to wear at work or for a classy evening. It is this natural glamourous touch, so typical to Dawid, that speaks to women of all ages and class, as buying into his designs means having a certain idea of taste.

The colour palette revolved around earthy tones, slowly going darker to end with dark burgundy closing looks. Mustard yellow was probably the most recurrent colour, as it was varied in dresses coats and trousers, either lightening black garments, or paired with an orange/red and hence echoed autumn’s leaves. The last looks could be highlights of the show, as the second to last outfit consisted of an elegant dark red velvet dress, whose simplicity only highlighted the delicacy of its textile. The last, more complex look, combined the best of both brands: exquisitely tailored suit made out of dark pink velvet and paired with a red silk bow.

Dawid Tomaszewski and Patrizia Aryton collaborated this season in order to combine both of their technique and offer a smart and elegant collection to both their audiences. The pair actually worked well together, as each look was strong and thus a tool to empower their women.