Friday was the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and kicked off by the Singapore-based label DEPRESSION. The brand started in 2006 as a genderless, niche street-wear label. They already have a huge fan base because of their street, goth sub-cultural influences.

The two designers, Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim named their autumn/winter 2017 collection „Vol. 2: Dragon vs. Tiger“. Or like they said, an epic battle between giants. The designs and overall mood was inspired by a series of Chinese proverbs that describe metaphorical situations of battles and warfare.

MBFW Berlin AW 2017 | DEPRESSION Show | Photos © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

The described battle between a tiger and a dragon was shown on giant white Ying and Yang signs printed on trousers and shirts. The overall colour black and patterns like „666“ or „Made from a dark place“ emphasized the dark and almost gothic atmosphere. The duo worked with denim, vegan leather and wool as their key materials. Chains, slits, septum-styled rings, zippers, crosses, eye patches and loops where found all over jeans, coats, hoodies, long shirts, button-up shirts, skirts, vests and culotte-style trousers. And of course the brand’s signature use of asymmetry and extended hemlines.

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The outfits were accessorized by backpacks and thick-soled sneakers. The looks were a mix of urban street wear and athletic luxe.

The male and female models featured in the Depression A/W 17 collection really appeared as future apocalyptic warriors as they walked vigorously down the runway. We will be very curious in what kind of dark and mysterious world Depression will take us with their upcoming collections.