When fashion designer HIEN LE presented his Autumn/Winter collection 2017 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, we had a very sudden realisation: we must get back our skateboards out from the basement!

HIEN LE Show | Photos © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

With his new collection, Hien Le took us back to the beginning of skateboarding and recalled the sportswear of the Forties and Fifties. At that time, skater boys were wearing Chino bottoms and shirts. Skater girls, however, were seen in flowing midi skirts.

He re-applied these looks in form of chino trousers, light sweaters, shirts, edgy jackets and T-shirt dresses and made his collection look casual but fashionable at the same time. The collection unmistakably bore the handwriting of the designer but one thing was new: for the first time in his seven year old career, Hien Le used denim.

From this absolute trendy material, he designed some jackets with a small fur collar, shirts and a sweatshirt for men and a roll-neck sweater, a skirt, a blouse and wide baggy-like trousers for women.

Except from denim, the collection’s pieces were made of wool fabrics, cotton and silk and picked up on classic tailoring and details like needle stripes, stripe patterns and faux leather. The colour palette of beige, grey and night blue with sparks of green and dark salmon was remarkable. All colours fitted perfectly together and gave the collection a coherent overall impression.  

So for those who can not skate, don’t worry: Hien Le’s looks were just perfect to be stylish outside on the streets. So keep on rolling!