As a steady part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, the Austrian fashion designer LENA HOSCHEK presented her Autumn/Winter 2017 collection ‚Dollhouse‘, which revived the disco era. Her new designs were bright, colourful and glittering and had a simple, yet surely important message: Have fun!

MBFW Berlin AW 2017 | LENA HOSCHEK Show | Photos © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

Inspired by the glamorous pin-ups and showgirls of the 1950s, Lena Hoschek stayed true to her classic, feminine signature and showed wide swinging skirts and waisted dresses with lipstick and mascara prints, delicate tops and trousers in pastel colours such as rose and mint or – to keep up the contrast – pink and turquoise leopard patterns. At the same time, influences from the dazzling 1970s disco-era were clear to see.

The garments were made of cotton, jersey and lamee in gold or silver and had matching names like Confetti or Candy dress. For some of her designs, Lena Hoschek also used a lot of sequins and some glitter fabrics, which became a true highlight, especially in form of a pink glitter jumpsuit. Accordingly, the models wore sparkling high heels and pumps with tulle.  Frills and huge meshes, such as an oversized loop at the top of a floor-length, pink silk dress seemed quite playful.

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The motto of the new designs was also underlined by dresses, skirts and tops with Mickey Mouse and other figures from the Disney universe. These pieces came from a cooperation of the US company and the Styrian, whose favourite fashion item is an old Micky Mouse T-shirt her mother wore when she was pregnant with baby Lena.

And the happy feelings got even more, when Cindy Lauper’s ‚Girls Just Wanna Have Fun‘ came on, accompanied by cuddly plush coats, soft turtlenecks and satin blouses with tiny ruffles, pencil skirts, transparent tops and sparkling dresses.

With her „Dollhouse“ collection, the designer wanted to bring back the fun of doing things purely for enjoyment. „It was important to me to put the joy of life in the foreground and to transport a lot of optimism“, the designer said and showed herself with a bright smile and in one of her signature 50s dresses – in bright yellow and with Mickey, Donald and Daisy printed all over it – at the end of the show. And it was not to be avoided: the audience celebrated the new stylish happiness with her.