Welcome to the SUPERIOR MAGAZINE September 2016 issue which marks our 5th anniversary. Therefore we put on the cover all covers we had in the past to say thank you to everybody who accompanied us for the last 5 years.  But not only the cover is different this time. We also changed the design. Special thanks to Itamar and Thain for their hard work during the last months.

As a kind of birthday present for you and for us with the September issue our SUPERIOR MAGAZINE App left the beta-phase and is now live. From now on the iPad and Android Tablet App and the Digital magazine are well connected  and form one magazine.

The digital SUPERIOR MAGAZINE September 2016 issue is also available as PRINT and DOWNLOAD and includes the Mobile App for iPad and Android Tablet.

Many thanks to the photographers & their teams, the interview partners, the editors, the creatives and everybody who worked hard for this SUPERIOR MAGAZINE September 2016 issue!

SUPERIOR MAGAZINE September 2016 - Anniversary Cover