SUPERIOR is an international MAGAZINE featuring the urban creative scene of fashion, design, art, culture & lifestyle in the most exciting cities around the globe.

SUPERIOR MAGAZINE stands for of high-quality fashion photography & film by young vanguard photographers and filmmakers, exclusive interviews with artists, designers and other cutting edge creative people and it is full of stories and insights to enjoy urban culture & lifestyle.

SUPERIOR MAGAZINE comes out in English as online magazine, as a monthly digital and on-demand print publication as well as an exclusive print edition once a year.

Additionally SUPERIOR has launched its first city magazine – SUPERIOR BERLIN – with a special focus on fashion photography & film, interviews, stories, insights, locations and events which are connected to Berlin’s creative scene. SUPERIOR BERLIN is for everybody who loves Berlin or likes to know what’s going on in this exciting and vibrating city. SUPERIOR BERLIN starts as an online magazine in German and English.

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