Superior Magazine # 65

Interview with Show Director Thimo Schwenzfeier

Sustainable fashion is already a well-established part of Berlin Fashion Week since years. And, thinking of sustainable fashion in that context everybody immediately has the two trade fairs Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin in mind. For the next season both trade fairs are joined under the new name - Neonyt.
In the first part of the interview Tom Felber from Superior Magazine talked to the Neonyt Show Director Thimo Schwenzfeier about the general changes.

Thimo Schwenzfeier | Photo © Messe Frankfurt


The interview is part of Superior Magazine # 65 , which is as digital issue as well as print and download available.


Thimo, the former Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin are now together under a new name - Neonyt. The name sounds a bit artificial in the first moment. What’s the story behind the name?

The self-coined name Neonyt is derived from the Ancient Greek word “neo” (which means new and revolutionary in English) and the Scandinavian word “nytt” (which also means new). “The renewed new” – Neonyt is our synonym for the fundamental transformation process of the fashion and textile industry.
Neonyt is taking over from the trade show duo Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin. Under the joint name, the platform is realigning itself to reflect ambitious fashion standards and the desire to create something new. However, the sustainability promise of Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin remains unchanged.

But probably it’s not only the name that is new. Did you also change the concept or the focus?

Yes, by creating the hub concept. Aesthetics, trends, lifestyle, communication – the original, innate themes of fashion are merging with sustainability, digital worlds and innovation. We are reacting to this change by offering a new business and communication platform: Neonyt– the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation where professionals can meet and engage in valuable dialogue.

Incorporated into Berlin Fashion Week and with an international focus, it is the world’s leading event of its kind. Both digitally and in real life. The hub consists of the Neonyt Trade Show, the conferences Fashionsustain by Messe Frankfurt and #Fashiontech by Premium Group, as well as the Neonyt Fashion Show, the Thinkathon, showcases, the influencer and blogger format Prepeek, networking events and, last but not least, the Neonyt Party. With this offer, Neonyt is combining the most important elements in the fashion industry, business, inspiration, knowledge, fun & community, in a neo-new way.

Another new aspect of Neonyt is its focal point: the hub is always focused on one specific theme, which is presented in all the different areas and event formats. By choosing “water” for January 2019 as the overall trend topic, the largest trade fair for sustainable fashion is raising awareness for this particular subject and calling for a new way of thinking.

What about the location, where will you present Neonyt in January? Does the new name also influence the presentation-form of the trade fair?

The venue of the global Neonyt hub is Kraftwerk Berlin, an industrial building with huge ceiling heights and spectacular open views across all levels. The impact, size and starkness of this monumental concrete structure from the 1960s form an intentional contrast to the exhibitors’ collections and provide the ideal backdrop for the Neonyt Trade Show, conferences, showcases, events and parties. Raw, distinctive, cool and open to new things. The ideal place to put the spotlight on fashion, innovation and sustainability in an authentic and vibrant setting.

At Kraftwerk Berlin, the overall theme of water and fashion will be very present and played with in all different areas of the hub. Furthermore, we are constantly optimizing and expanding the different areas of the hub according to the interests and the demand of our visitors. This unique mix of areas at Kraftwerk Berlin makes it easy to find what you need and to get additional inspiration from all the other areas to be discovered onsite.

Which themes and trends will be very important from your point of view at the Neonyt trade fair in January?

Neonyt will be shedding light on the two poles of fashion and water. By presenting water as a trend topic in various different ways, the global hub is raising awareness and calling for a new way of thinking. Without water there would be no agriculture, no industry and no life. But what happens when water becomes scarce? Global hub Neonyt will be looking for answers to this question and showing visionary approaches to highly topical water-related issues ranging from microplastics to water stewardship.

Thank you Thimo for the insights ...