Superior Magazine # May 2016


The fashion editorial TWENTYFIVEHOURS by Tina Gauff & Christine Lipski and their team is part of the Superior Magazine # May 2016 digital issue, which is also available as print and download.

Photography & Concept | Tina Gauff, Christine Lipski
Production team leader | Florian Sommer
Production agency | Heyblend
Designer | Anna Kania Couture
Styling woman | Iani Iskowik
Assistant Styling woman | Kimberly Reichstein
Styling men & Set design | Leo Lodeserto, Susanne Kircher
Hair & Make-Up | Michael Grüss, Jenny Magdalena Hordan, Christina Cramer
Assistant Hair & Make-Up |Anja Jüptner
Making-of film | Laura Müller
Light assistants | Felix Nürmberger, Philipp Stengelin, Radoslaw Polgesek
Set runner | Christina Ruoff, Anne Schweighofer
Post production | Maxi De Witt
Location | 25hours Hotel Hafencity
Starring | Luise Befort, Laura Berlin, Karla Kenya, Berit Lask @ Todays Models, Paulina K. @ Core Artist Management , Ola Zieminska @ Iconic Management, Mima Tikva , Julia Klöpper @ Louisa Models, Gabriel Hendrixx @ Pma , Alpha Dia @ Modelwerk, Tom Farrelly @ Kult Model Agency , Mike Pishek @ Kult Model Agency, Frederik Wilke @ Kult Model Agency, Stan Grimmer

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