MINAS TREND S/S 19 | Fashion Show

Feminism in Femininity
Text by Sarah Weyers
Photos © Agencia Fotosite

Being the first runway shows during this season's edition of Minas Trend in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Fatima Scofield set the bar high for the following designers.

Minas Trend S/S 19 | FATIMA SCOFIELD Show | Photos © Agencia Fotosite

The collection includes a wide range of dresses that all have a slight touch of light summer wear from the 1980's, including belted, almost see through dresses, two-piece suits with a chic pyjama flair, almost all made from light fabrics such as chiffon and silk. Ruffles and different volants create interesting pieces; the color pallette ranged from an intense orange to light skin tones, rose, yellow and turquoise. The silhouettes created by the pieces were mainly feminine X silhouettes; enforcing the statement that became visible during the collection: Celebrate femininity.

What really stood out during the label's presentation was the choice of music: The models in the incredibly feminine, soft dresses and skirts walked the runway to 'Because The Night' by the Patti Smith Group, creating an atmosphere of opposites becoming one. The core message of this particular mixture could be the free choice of women to dress however feminine the please, while still being a feminist, as our modern society seems to undermine women who support this slogan. While the feminist movement trend has promoted natural women who don't confirm to society gender roles anymore, Fatima Scofield sends a message that women can do both - stand up for themselves and make the choices they please, while remaining feminine and dressing in clothes that remind of a warm summer in the 1980's.

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