Superior Magazine # 64

Exclusive Interior Design

In the Superior Magazine's SELECTION you find shopping tips for items we especially like. This time we present excellent Interior Design which we found in the Cologne based wohn,garten Concept Store.

The interview with the wohn,garten Concept Store owner Mike Alexander Doepp and the Selection are part of the Superior Magazine # 64 digital issue, which is also available as print and download.

Brands you can shop in the wohn,garten Concept Store [Schaafenstr. 10, 50676 Cologne] and online [] are among others Arcade Murano, Guaxs, Henry Dean, LSA International and Pols Potten, porcelain by Anna Sykora and Dottir Nordic Design, interior design pieces by Claudi, GiftCompany, GluckiGluck, Mojoo, Philippi and the Red Dot 2018 awarded Concrete stacking rack by Christoph Pesch



The creations by Arcade Murano take you on a journey through different shapes, colors, symbols, thoughts, feelings and sensuality. The pieces by Arcade Murano are unique and are made only in limited edition with historical techniques. Glass objects from Arcade Murano can be found in numerous museums and collections.


Guaxs glass is made in small, exclusive glass factories that specialize in producing small editions for international artists and designers. The glassworkers usually work in teams. For such a team to work successfully, a high level of skill, coordination, strength and experience is required. Due to the sophisticated, Guaxs-typical forms, this can only be blown by experienced craftsmen.


The Berlin based designer Anna Sykora creates porcelain pieces of art. They are not poured into molds as usual but turned by her own hands on the potter’s wheel. This technique requires great craftsmanship and concentration to come to a perfect product. But when it is finished, the porcelain pieces by Anna Sykora do not only look beautiful, it is also a pleasure to touch them and to hold them in your hands.


With the Concrete stacking rack, Christoph Pesch has developed a corner edge construction that allows stacking without offset and is self-supporting due to its shape. His easy-to-build rack made of concrete cubes convinced the Red Dot Award jury 2018, which tested and evaluated more than 6,300 objects from 59 nations.

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