The poetry of Light
Text by Beatrix von Winterfeldt-Heuser
Photos © John Phillips/Getty Images for MBFW

As final of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin the label I' VR Isabel Vollrath presented its Spring/Summer 2019 collection with the theme "Poetry of Light".

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin S/S 19 | I' VR ISABEL VOLLRATH Show | Photo © John Phillips/Getty Images for MBFW  

As always the Berlin based designer Isabel Vollrath's collection is characterized by its unmistakable symbiosis of fashion, poetry and art. The imaginative setting of her new collection is Venice with its contrasting combination of pomp, glamour, mystery, morbidity and decay.

For her designs with a dedicated style Isabel Vollrath choses fabrics of different quality and firmness. Delicate, transparent silk organza, thin wool, cotton, like, gauze and tulle are combined to three-dimensional designs that reflect the morbid fronts of the Venetian palazzi. We see draperies, ribbons, puffed sleeves, long, narrow cuffs, projecting skirts, wide, pleaded trousers, layers and high-necked tops that make up a collection full of contrasts like the city of its imaginary origin and its inhabitants.

A collection that ranges from very pure and reduced coats over casual combinations of tops and trousers to opulent dresses decorated with silkscreen prints in a “Venetian Window” style that have been especially developed by the designer. The color palette comprises pure white, gold, copper, yellow, orange tones and different shades of blue to reflect sky and water and thus is a picture of what we will find in the lagoon city.

Overall Isabel Vollrath presented a collection that fascinates by her skillful play with colors, shapes, fabrics, patterns and special draperies.

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