Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2019

Fashion Show

Text by Beatrix von Winterfeldt-Heuser
Photos © Stefan Knauer/Getty Images for MBFW

Marina Hoermanseder fashion shows always start long before the first model hits the runway.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin S/S 19 | MARINA HOERMANSEDER Show | Photo © John Phillips/Getty Images for MBFW

Unlike most of the other shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Marina Hoermanseder's Spring/Summer 2019 presentation does not take place within Berlin's E-Werk but in front of it. In plain sunshine and at 30°Celcius a highly stylish fashion crowd meets with Champaign and Mozartkugeln. Influencers, models, starlets and VIPs have been dressed in Marina Hoermanseder designs and her iconic buckle can be seen everywhere. Those who are fast enough can even catch a ride with the specially set up big wheel in front of the venue.

Once everybody has taken his seat, the event can begin. Already the first dress gives an idea that the show is going to reveal a visual firework: the model who is wearing a dream made of shimmering layers of tulle with a buckled tulle top and a reflecting latex belt has her face covered with a heart of crystals.

For her new collection Marina Hoermanseder has set up a “wonderland of satirical allusions and optical illusions”. The designer takes us to glittering Las Vegas of the 90s. Heart shaped tops, balloon like dresses, layered tulle, shiny fabrics that shimmer in all colors of the spectrum, metallic effects, moiré, custom made prints, plastics and knitted pieces make up a collection that is full of surprise and imagination. Of course neither the iconic Marina Hoermanseder strap skirt nor the typical buckle is missing. They strap skirt this time is interpreted with romantic tulle and iridescent latex. The buckle decorates blazers, trousers and prints.

Although the runway collection boasts imaginative and inspiring designs, many well wearable designs are presented and the spectator gets a taste of what will be available in store to the fashionable clients who love individuality and look for a statement to stress their unique style.