MINAS TREND S/S 19 | Fashion Show

Disco Gym
Text by Sarah Weyers
Photos © Agencia Fotosite

Brazilian fashion brand Manzan presented their spring/summer 2019 collection called 'Disco Gym' at this season's Minas Trend trade show in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The collection includes a wide range of looks, fabrics and silhouettes, creating a wide range of designs and making the core of the label, which is a loud, fun and excentric design, visible.

Minas Trend S/S 19 | MANZAN Show | Photos © Agencia Fotosite

Beginning the runway show with futuristic, slightly see-through rain coats in different lengths, the label shows a different approach to summer fashion as many other designers, which have so far mainly focused on a variety if silk dresses. Nevertheless, many of the designs by Manzan include dresses as well, creating feminine X-silhouettes with high waisted skirts of soft draping. The sportive look, which the name of the collection indicates, is not visible on every piece, creating a versatile variety of pieces. With volants, draping and ruffles, a playful yet elegant look is created.

Manzan is most likely the label that used the widest range of fabrics in one collection, including silk, cotton, chiffon, lace and PU for the rain jackets. Just as diverse as the fabrics is the colour palette used; it includes soft pink nuances, bright yellow, teal, light apricot, orange and rose tones, putting an emphasis on the season as well as the diversity of this collection.

While many of the looks presented in the Minas Trend's runway shows are commercial, they have all managed to express the core of the brands, including their creativity, target group and approach of Brazilian fashion design. Balancing the many traditional influences of Latin American fashion with the demand of the Brazilian, as well as the global market, if they wish to expand. And even though this seems to be a struggle many brands have to deal with, all the labels presented in the numerous runway shows have managed to find a unique balance.

A tropical summer cocktail
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Photography by Lauretta Suter